Unit 7 p. 76-83

Exercise 1 (p. 76)

1. inventor
2. said
3. messages
4. remember
5. autumn
6. engineer
7. communication
8. had
9. programs
10. was
11. asked
12. thought

Exercise 2 (p. 76)

2. Jess said that everyone could sing, but not everyone could sing like a star.
3. Rob said that he was trying to do revision for his exams.
4. Anna said that she really didn't like pizza so she refused to eat it.
5. Abbie said that she secretly liked a boy in her class, and she had told her best friend.
6. Maxim said that they had found the boat and they had found Rebecca.
7. Dorothy said that she had taken his hand and they went through a sort of tunnel.
8. Gary said that he was afraid of heights.
9. Julie said that the next day they were going on a boat trip.
10. Jake said that he had to hurry or he would miss the bus.

Exercise 3 (p. 77)

2. Napoleon Bonaparte said that history was the version of past events that people had decided to agree upon.
3. Woody Allen said that he could live to be a hundred if he gave up all things that made he want to live to be a hundred.
4. Fred Allen said that he couldn't understand why a person would take a year to write a novel when he could easily buy one for a few of dollars.
5. Oscar Wilde said that whenever people agreed with him he always felt he had to be wrong.
6. Clint Eastwood said that there was only one way to have a happy marriage and as soon as he learnt what it was he would get married again.
7. Ann Landers said that TV had proved that people would look at anything rather than each other.
8. Bernard Bailey said that when they discovered the centre of the universe, a lot of people would be disappointed to discover they weren't it.
9. John F Kennedy said that the time to repair the roof was when the sun was shining.

Exercise 4 (p. 77)

1. say
2. tell
3. told
4. told
5. tell
6. said
7. say
8. told
9. tell
10. said

Exercise 5 (p. 77)

2. computer file
3. email attachment
4. household name
5. keyboard
6. world wide

Exercise 6 (p. 77)

1. library
2. annoy
3. solution
4. tough
5. enormously
6. exchange
7. email
8. bother

Exercise 7 (p. 77)

communicate, effect, enormously, exchange, household, Internet, interviewer, library, program, provider, service, solution, virus.

Exercise 1 (p. 78)

2. Can we have two tickets?
3. When did you have last have your bag?
4. Do you like my hair?
5. Have you seed my trainers?
6. Which street are you looking for?

Exercise 2 (p. 78)

2. Leo asked dad if he could lent him some money.
3. Lorna asked Nick why he had decided to come to Star School?
4. Dave asked Leo how long he had lived in Manchester.
5. Anna asked Will if she liked hip-hop.
6. Carol asked Gary if he had flown in a small plane before.
7. Simon asked Julie if she knew where they were going.
8. Interviewer asked Bob what he'll do next.

Exercise 3 (p. 79)

Reporter: She asked how long he had been there.
Alien: He said he had arrived six months ago.
Reporter: She asked why he came there.
Alien: He said he wanted to write a book about life on Earth.
Reporter: She asked where he was staying?
Alien: He said he was staying at a hotel in New York.
Reporter: She asked if he liked New York.
Alien: He said he thought it was an amazing city.
Reporter: She asked if he was happy about was being the centre of media attention.
Alien: He said he didn't like people taking photos of him.

Exercise 4 (p. 79)

2. up
3. ahead
4. down
5. through
6. into

Exercise 5 (p. 79)

2. emergency services
3. hairdresser
4. market stall
5. motorcyclist
6. operating theatre
7. radio interview
8. warehouse

Exercise 6 (p. 79)


Exercise 7 (p. 79)

emergency - 2
media - 1
operating - 1
paramedic - 1
particular - 2
phenomenal - 2
serious - 1
situation - 3

Exercise 1 (p. 80)

1. D
2. H
3. B
4. C
5. E
6. I
7. G
8. A
9. F

Exercise 2 (p. 81)

1. landed on Earth and attacked Britain
2. The War of the Worlds
3. a huge burning object has fallen of a farm in New Jersey
4. enormous grey monsters with horrible faces and black eyes
5. New Jersey and New York
6. they wanted to ask how they could protect themselves
7. they had known that it was science-fiction story
8. such presentation novel "The War of the Worlds"

Exercise 5 (p. 81)

1. Chimpanzee
6. Phenomenal
8. Me
9. Internet
11. Dead
12. Fame
15. Days
17. Vet
19. Researcher

1. Capsized
2. Identify
3. Program
4. Needed
5. Exam
7. Lend
10. Test
13. As
14. Ever
16. Ape
18. Air

Revision (p. 82)

Lesson 1

2. She told Sara and Maria not to talk.
3. She told everyone to open their books.
4. She asked Pedro to clean the board.
5. She told Sara and Maria to stop talking.
6. She asked Daniel to share his book with Anna.
7. She asked Anna not to forget her book yesterday.
8. She told everyone to listen her carefully.

Lesson 2

2. I'm looking forward to half term.
3. I go to parties every Saturday night.
4. I felt asleep on the beach.
5. I want to share some secrets of the music business.
6. I don't like pizza.
7. There are thousands of stupid laws.
8. We have to drive back to Manderley.

Lesson 3

1. She asked what my phone number was.
2. They wanted to know when the film started/
3. I asked how much the bike cost.
4. The teacher asked the students where were going.
5. He wanted to know if his team had won.
6. We asked why the car had stopped.

Lesson 4

1. they were sailing
2. their dinghy turned over
3. her mobile phone was
4. called a coast guard
5. they saw the helicopter
6. the coast guard told about this case


accident, attachment, attention, attract, business, chimpanzee, command, communicate, correctly, dialing, effective, gorilla, illness, stressful.


A promise

Extension (p. 83)

Lesson 1

2. He asked her to marry.
3. She told him to throw out a cigarette.
4. She asked him to take a bucket with water.
5. He asked her to pour water.
6. They told him to switch off the musical center.

Lesson 2

2. Kirsty said she had never enjoyed herself so much.
3. The professor said the car was a very powerful machine.
4. Kelly said she was really grateful to her family.
5. Gary said he didn't know how to fly.
6. Carol and Gary would have to land the plane himself.
7. Mrs Danvers said she had liked the picture of the girl in white.
8. Rob said he was trying to do revision for his exams.


believe, either, field, friendly, height, interview, quiet, receive, replied, science, society, weight



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