Unit 5 p. 58-61

Revision (p. 58)

Lesson 1

3. he hasn't sung his song on TV yet.
4. he's already read Oliver Twist.
5. they've already had lunch.
6. he hasn't bought the new Eminem CD yet.

Lesson 2

2. - Has Anna ever gone sailing? - Yes, she has.
3. - Have Jake and Tiffany ever played ice hockey? - No, they, haven't.
4. - Has Lorna ever done aerobics? - Yes, she has.
5. - Has Ted ever won a race? - No, he hasn't.
6. - Has Frank ever ridden a motorbike? - Yes, he has.

Lesson 3

2. How long have you had English lessons?
3. How long have you had your English teacher?
4. How long have you known your best friend?
5. How long have you slept in the same room at home?


accident, apparently, challenge, embarrassing, million, roller, skiing, steer, strapped, struggle, suddenly, support, surround, travelling, uncontrollably.


The letter M

Extension (p. 59)

Lesson 1

I've already read Oliver Twist.
I've already been at school.
I've already eaten hamburger.
I haven't watched TV yet.
I haven't heard my favourite band yet.
I haven't drunk tea yet.

Lesson 2

2. The most nice present I've ever had is ...
3. The most boring book I've ever read is ...
4. The best song I've ever heard is ...
5. The most beautiful place I've ever visitted is ...
6. The most exciting thing I've ever done is ...

Lesson 3

2. When did you have breakfast this morning?
3. I've wanted to be a doctor since I was child.
4. How long have you had the jeans you're wearing?
5. We live in this house since 2001.
6. They bought a car yesterday.


enjoyable, horrible, impossible, incredible, invisible, memorable, miserable, responsible, sensible, terrible, uncomfortable, valuable.



Exercise 1(p.60)

  1. problems
  2. tourism
  3. respect
  4. fair
  5. environment
  6. groups
  7. culture
  8. wild
  9. animals
  10. share

Exercise 2(p.60)

1. True
2. False
3. True
4. False
5. True
6. False
7. False

Exercise 3(p.61)

1. C
2. E
3. D
4. G
5. B
6. H
7. I
8. F
9. A

Exercise 5(p.61)

People: visitors, local, tourists, strange, guest.
Attraction: zoo, square, museum, beach, theatre, monument, park.
Travel: adventure, way, excursion, tour, sights, wandering, train, plane.
Accommodation: apartment, tent, cave, lodgings.

Unit 5
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Unit 6
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