Unit 1
p. 10-11

Lesson 1:
  1. meet

  2. talks

  3. is wearing

  4. is looking

  5. go

  6. is reading

  7. is feeling

  8. thinks

  9. doesn't want

Lesson 2:
2. Did Kate's friends meet her on the beach?
No, they didn't. They met her on the pier.
3. Did Kate visit a museum?
No, she didn't. She visited a funfair.
4. Did Kate write to her mother?
No, she didn't. She wrote to her best friend.
5. Did Kate's boyfriend come to see?
No, he didn't. He phoned her.
6. Did Kate enjoy the holiday?
No, she didn't. She hated the holiday.

Lesson 3:
2. The boys were looking for sharks when they saw a huge white one.
3. Shane was deciding to go for a swim when he helped his father.
4. Shane was swimming when he came face to face with a crocodile.
5. The crocodile was looking at Shane when he punched it.

Lesson 4:
2. What did his brother play?
3. What did Leadbely sing?
4. Who did sing See See Rider?
5. How long did he listen this song?

Accent, attack, boots, cheerful, depressed, embarrassed, feeling, freedom, happy, happiness, miss, professional, rubbish, terrified, worried.

Because it's in the middle of WATER.

Lesson 1:
3. Do you go to the cinema every week? No, I don't.
4. Are you reading a book at the moment? No, I'm not.
5. Do you feel hungry in the morning? No, I don't
6. Are you listening to music now? No, I'm not.
7. Do you care about the environment? Yes, I do.

Lesson 2:
2. What did you have for breakfast?
I had for breakfast a salad.
3. What did you do after breakfast?
I did my homework.
4. Who did you talk in the morning?
I talked with my mother.
5. When did you have lunch?
I had lunch in the morning.
6. What did you do in the evening?
I played computer games.

Lesson 3:

  1. At 8am - I was at school

  2. At 11am - I ate cheese

  3. At 1pm - I was at home

  4. At 5pm - I did my homework

  5. At 8pm - I saw television and played computer games

  6. At 11pm - I slept

Answer: Rain or snow.

Unit 1
p. 7-9

Unit 2
p. 12-15

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