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  Tastes differ. Different people have different hobbies. Hobbies - these are our favorite games, activities, funs. We like to do this in the leisure. These activities help to distract from work or studies. Usually people choose a hobby according to their interests. Someone likes sports, to others bring pleasure quiet activities: gardening, fishing, traveling. Other people like the noisy companies and parties. All-in-all, in the world there are so many hobbies.

  Sport is very important part of our life. For some sports - it's their life. It helps to be strong, confident and purposeful. Every sport is very useful for human health. Unfortunately, I don't do sports. But my favorite kind of sports is football. People in the world like football.

  Football is an active game. The Victory of the team depends on the play of each player. This game hardens the health, brings up the will, the feeling of friendship. When I was a small, I was crazy about watching the football matches on TV. Then I played with my cousin in this game. I remember it for life. I really liked it. Now I play football from time to time with friends. Of course, I play don't very well , but to me it is fun. In my opinion, this is the most important thing.

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